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Getting started with Activity Logs
Getting started with Activity Logs

Learn how to access the activity logs of your Enterprise plan members

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Activity logs allow you to see the activity of the users within a workspace. Whether it is to understand how members are utilizing Zeplin or to keep an auditable trail of user activity for compliance reasons.

If you have the Owner or Admin role in an Enterprise plan workspace, you can request activity logs of all users. Once requested, Zeplin will send a link to your email to download them as a CSV file.

☝️ This feature is only available to teams on the Enterprise plan.

Initiate Activity Log request

To request logs, go to the Workspace Settings page and click the "Request Activity Logs" button.

☝️ Activity Logs can be requested only by an Enterprise account Admin or Owner.

Once you select a time period and click on the "Request" button, an email will be sent to you containing the link to the CSV file for download.

☝️ This link will be valid for 6 hours. If the link expires, you can resend it from the workspace settings.

💁‍♀️ Since we released this feature on February 23, 2023, you will be able to receive activity logs after this date.

Actions logged

Below is a list of actions that are captured. For questions regarding action log requests, please let us know at

User Logs

  • User login

  • User logout

Screen Logs

  • Create screen

  • Create screen version

Project/Styleguide Logs

  • Project user invited

  • Project user reinvited

  • Project user joined

  • Project user removed

  • Project user left

  • Styleguide user removed

  • Styleguide user left

  • Styleguide user invited

  • Styleguide user reinvited

  • Styleguide user joined

  • Create a project component version

  • Create styleguide component version

Workspace Logs

  • Workspace user invited with Domain Capture

  • Workspace user invited from a transfer with Domain Capture

  • Workspace user reinvited with Domain Capture

  • Workspace user removed

  • Workspace user left

  • Workspace user role changed

  • Workspace user access level changed

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