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Downloading screens as images
Downloading screens as images

Learn how to download screens (designs) as images

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You can directly download screens from Zeplin as images to your device.

From the Mac app 

Drag a screen or multiple screens from the grid view, under your project's “Dashboard” tab, to your Desktop or any other folder, and this will give you the PNG version.

From the Web app and Windows app

You can download all of the screens within a section or tag. 

From a project's section, click on the "..." button and select the "Download all screen images" options from the dropdown.

To download all screens within a tag, first, select the tag, right-click on it and choose the "Download all screen images" option there.

You can also right-click on a screen or multiple screens and select the “Download Screen” option to save the screen as a PNG. 

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