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Attaching designs to Azure DevOps work items
Attaching designs to Azure DevOps work items

Learn how to attach screens or sections to your work items in Azure DevOps

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☝️ To attach designs to an Azure DevOps work item, you must first Install and connect the Zeplin extension for Azure DevOps.

With our Zeplin integration with Azure DevOps, developers and anyone else working in Azure DevOps can see the screens directly in Azure DevOps work items. Changes in Zeplin will be reflected once the Azure DevOps page has been refreshed.

💁‍♀️ Zeplin's Azure DevOps integration is available unlimited for workspaces on the Enterprise plan, and for a maximum of 1 project for workspaces on the Organization plan.

Once your Zeplin account is connected to Azure DevOps, you will see the “Attach designs” button under the Zeplin section within the work item.

When you click on it, a dropdown menu will be revealed to choose a screen or section from Zeplin.

You can also paste your screen or section of screens link to attach them directly.

☝️ If there is no "Attach designs" button, please check whether you have Zeplin for Azure DevOps installed in your Azure DevOps. You can contact your Azure DevOps administrator to help you with this.

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