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Publishing designs from Photoshop
Publishing designs from Photoshop

Learn how to publish your designs from Photoshop to Zeplin

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Getting Started

In order to publish designs from Photoshop to Zeplin, you will need to download the desktop app.

When you download the desktop app, Zeplin automatically installs a plugin on Photoshop. If you’re not seeing the plugin, you can install it manually by following these steps for Mac or Windows.

☝️ It is not possible to publish PSD files directly without using the plugins.

Enabling the plugin

After downloading the desktop app, you can enable the plugin from Photoshop menu up top at “Window > Extensions”.

☝️ If your Mac is running on an M1 or higher chip, the “Extension (legacy)” menu has been disabled by default on Photoshop. You’ll need to enable the "Open using Rosetta" option.

Publishing your designs

To publish your designs from Photoshop to Zeplin:

  1. Select any layer/artboard in your Photoshop file

  2. Open the plugin and click “Export selected artboards

  3. Select your project or styleguide then click “Import” to start the export process

☝️ On the project selection window, you can switch between your workspaces to choose the desired project or styleguide.

💁‍♀️ Zeplin has 100 character limit for screen names. If your artboard has a name with more than 100 characters, it’ll be trimmed to 100 in Zeplin.

If you’d like to export your individual layers or groups into Zeplin as assets, you will need to mark them as assets in Photoshop first. You can learn more here.

Seeing file location

Zeplin shows the location of the file containing the screen if you are the same user who exported that screen and using the same machine (computer) used to publish your design. You can directly open the design file in Photoshop by clicking on the file name.

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