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Exporting assets from Adobe XD
Exporting assets from Adobe XD

Learn how to export assets from Adobe XD to your project

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Zeplin automatically exports assets marked for export in Adobe XD. When a layer is marked for export, you don’t need to worry about setting up export formats or sizes: Zeplin will automatically generate the assets with different scales and formats tailored to the platform you’re designing for — Web, iOS, Android, or macOS.

Exportable layers

When you add an image to your artboard, Adobe XD marks it as exportable by default. To manually mark a layer for export, you can select the layer to open the Layers panel, hover over the layer, and click the export icon.

You can also check the “Mark for Export” option at the right bottom of the screen.

After you’ve exported your artboard into Zeplin, simply click on a layer on the screen or click on the assets section at the right bottom to see a list of all the assets to developers.

☝️ If you’re using the previous legacy plugin, make sure that the file is saved locally before publishing. Due to a technical limitation, it is not possible to export files saved on the Adobe cloud. The shortcut for exporting to Zeplin using the legacy integration is Command + Option + E on Mac and Ctrl + Alt + E on Windows.

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