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Publishing designs from Adobe XD
Publishing designs from Adobe XD

Learn how to publish your Adobe XD document to Zeplin

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In order to publish from Adobe XD, you will need to have the latest versions of both Adobe XD and Zeplin installed on your computer. After installing the plugin from, you will see the “Zeplin for XD” menu item in the Plugins menu of Adobe XD.

Follow the steps below to export a layer or artboard from Adobe XD to Zeplin:

  1. Select any layer/artboard in your XD.

  2. Select "Plugins > Zeplin for XD > Export Selected…" from the menu up top to start the export process.

You can also use these shortcuts for publishing designs:

  • On Mac: Ctrl + Shift + E

  • On Windows: Ctrl + Alt + Z

This will open the export panel, where you can select the project into which you want to publish the artboards. You can also switch between your workspaces on the export panel to choose the desired project.

💁‍♀️ Zeplin has 100 character limit for screen names. If your artboard has a name with more than 100 characters, it’ll be trimmed to 100 in Zeplin.

Exporting components from Adobe XD is almost the same as exporting the artboards. Simply select a component or multiple components (located in the Component section in your XD file) and use the same shortcut.

☝️ It's sadly not possible to import XD files directly into Zeplin just yet. You can only publish your designs from the Plugin menu of Adobe XD.

Publishing designs with the previous legacy plugin

If you’re using the previous legacy plugin, here are a few differences between the previous and new integration to keep in mind:

  • The keyboard shortcut for publishing is Command + Option + E on Mac and Ctrl + Alt + E on Windows.

  • Make sure that the file is saved locally before publishing. Due to a technical limitation, it is not possible to export files saved on Adobe cloud.

  • If you're using the latest version of Adobe XD on Windows, you may experience issues while publishing your designs, such as a missing "export" button or project selection window. In these cases, we recommend that you use the new integration instead.

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