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Exporting components from Sketch
Exporting components from Sketch

Learn how to export components from Sketch

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Exporting components (aka symbols) works exactly the same as exporting artboards. Simply select a symbol or multiple symbols (which are usually located on the Symbols page in Sketch) and press ⌃ ⌘ E. You can also use the “Plugins > Zeplin > Export Selected…” menu up top to start the export process.

On the export panel, you can switch between your workspaces to choose the desired project or styleguide.

Once you export your symbols into Zeplin, they will be listed under the Components section in the styleguide.

The Components section will include your common user interface elements and show you from the right panel of the "Used in" section which screens are using these components in the project.

After exporting your components to a styleguide, Zeplin will also display the component details on the right panel once you select a component on a screen.

You can learn more about the components in Zeplin here.

☝️ If you make an update to a symbol or change the name to the symbol name in your original design file, you’ll need to re-export the symbol itself and the screens using this symbol to sync them in Zeplin.

Generating assets from components

If you'd like these symbols to be available as an asset, you need to make the master symbol exportable in Sketch. You can learn how to do this here: Exporting assets from symbols in Sketch

☝️ If you mark only the symbol instance as exportable, the asset will be available only within the screen and not in the Components section.

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