Viewing Jira issues in Zeplin

Learn how to view linked Jira issues in screens, sections or projects.

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Once you attach a screen, section, flow, component, or project to a Jira issue, you'll also be able to view the linked Jira issue in Zeplin.


On the right panel, you can see all the Jira issues that a screen is attached to.


Under the section name, you can see all the Jira issues that a section is attached to.


You can see all the Jira issues that a project is attached to on the right panel. If there are more than 2 issues, they'll stack at the bottom of the Integrations tab, where you can hover over it to see all the linked issues.


You can see all the Jira issues that a flow is attached to, under the Flows tab of your project on the Web app.


When a component, component group, or component section is attached to a Jira issue, you can see the details in the related component section in the styleguide.

Checking Jira details in Zeplin

When you hover over the linked issue for screens, sections, projects, or components on the Web/Windows app, you'll see more details about the Jira issue, like status, assignee, priority, and due date information on the modal. You'll need to click on the linked issue on the Mac app to see the details.

Clicking on the "Open in Jira" link in the modal will redirect you to the issue in Jira.

If you would like to learn more about Zeplin's integration with Jira or any other topic related to Zeplin, reach out to our Customer Success crew at to schedule a 30-minute call.

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