☝️ In order to attach designs to a Jira issue, you will first need to install the Zeplin for Jira app and connect your Zeplin account in Jira.

Once your Zeplin account is connected in Jira, you will see the “Attach from Zeplin” button under the Zeplin section within the issue. When you click on it, a dropdown menu will be revealed.

If you select Projects, your Zeplin projects (both your own projects and the ones you’re added to) will be listed. This also works in the same way for Sections and Screens options.

You can also paste your screen, section, or project link to attach them directly. 

After adding your Zeplin resources, they will appear under the Zeplin section of the issue, as shown below:

☝️ If there is no “Attach from Zeplin” button, please check to see whether you have Zeplin for Jira installed in your Jira. You can contact your Jira administrator to help you with this.

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