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Learn more about connecting your Zeplin account to third-party apps using OAuth

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In addition to the Slack, Trello, and Jira integrations, you can now get even more use out of Zeplin by connecting your account to 3rd-party applications built by the community.

Authorizing a third-party app

You can grant third-party applications access to your Zeplin account using OAuth. When a third-party app asks to authorize your Zeplin account, you will be directed to the authorization page within Zeplin. You can review the details and allow access from there.

☝️ Third-party apps are built by Zeplin community. Before authorizing a third-party app, we recommend reviewing how your data will be used as well as checking to see whether the developer who built the app is trustworthy.

Revoking a third-party app access

You can revoke access to a third-party app from your profile on the Web, under the “Connected Apps” tab. Here's a link that will take you there:

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