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Removing webhooks created by Zeplin apps
Removing webhooks created by Zeplin apps

Learn how to remove your webhooks

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Once you authorize a Zeplin app, it can create webhooks on your behalf. That said, the application can receive notifications for the events of your Zeplin resources.

You can see the list of the webhooks that are created for your personal workspace by Zeplin App from your profile on the Web app, under the "Developer" tab:

If your team is on the Organization plan, click the settings button on the top right of your organization dashboard to access the “Developer” tab.

☝️ Only those with an Admin role or higher can access the Organization Developer tab.

Here you can see that a Zeplin app named Webhook Application has created a webhook. You can click on View Details and see its details.

You can remove a webhook by revoking authorization of the Zeplin apps—it’s not possible to update or deactivate them. In order to remove webhooks created by a Zeplin app:

  • Open Connected Apps tab on your user profile

  • Click Revoke button of the application

Organization webhooks can be removed by the Admin user who authorized the Zeplin app, by revoking authorization of the Zeplin app using the same steps above.

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