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Managing layer names

Learn how to keep grouped layer names, grouped symbols names, and symbol instance names you defined in Sketch in Zeplin

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Zeplin has some options that allow you to use layer names as you wish in Zeplin. You can turn on and off these options from the “Zeplin > Sketch Integrations” menu up top:

☝️ Since Zeplin generates all resources while exporting the file, you need to re-export your file if you make any changes to these settings.

Keep grouped layer or symbols names

When you include a / in an asset name, Sketch uses anything you write before it as a folder name and anything after as a file name within that folder.

Zeplin also applies this behavior. By default, it keeps grouped layer names for assets. This way, you can see the entire name of your asset on the right panel.

When you download the assets, folders will automatically be created based on their names, and the assets will be downloaded into the folders.

You can disable this option from the “Zeplin > Sketch Integrations” menu up top. When you do this and then re-export your file, Zeplin will use the part after / as the asset name.

Use symbol instance names

In Sketch, you can use different names for your master symbol and symbol instances. By default, Zeplin uses the master symbol name when you export your designs. If you want to use the symbol instance name, you need to enable the “Use Symbol Instance Names” before you export.

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