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Fixing Adobe XD export issues
Fixing Adobe XD export issues

Learn how to fix common Adobe XD export issues

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We’ve rebuilt the Adobe XD integration from the ground up to fix common issues, and now Zeplin started to use Adobe XD’s plugin APIs.

If you’re having an export issue while exporting your designs from the "File > Export > Zeplin" menu of XD, you can give it another try with the new XD plugin.

You can install the plugin from: Once the plugin is installed, you can try to export your designs from the menu up top: "Plugins > Zeplin for XD > Export Selected...".

If you don’t have a chance to try the new plugin, check if your issue matches any of the known issues below.

☝️ If you're having network issues while uploading, like timeouts or bad request errors, check out our Fixing connectivity issues article instead.

Cleaner apps

If you have some kind of “cleaner” app installed on your computer, such as CleanMyMac, you might encounter an error: “Verifying Zeplin app failed, make sure that the contents are intact.”

Since these kinds of cleaner apps alter the file content of the Zeplin Mac app, you need to make sure Zeplin ignored by the cleaner. After Zeplin is ignored by the cleaner, relaunch both the cleaner app and Zeplin, then try to publish again.

Large artboards or layers

If you’re working with a large XD file, you might encounter an error: “Exporting image failed due to size, reducing artboard size may help.”

This usually happens when you're exporting a large artboard with too many layers/exportable layers or assets that are too large. For optimal performance, we normally recommend not to export XD files bigger than 4-5 MB, or artboards bigger than about 5000x5000px in size. If you’re experiencing this issue, we can recommend you try dividing a large artboard into multiple artboards, then publish them into Zeplin as individual screens.

In rare cases, you also might encounter this issue due to your network. Since Zeplin generates all assets while exporting the file, if you're working with a large file with many assets and your network speed is not that good during the export process, the export process can fail with the same error. You can give it another try on a different network.

Components saved on the cloud

If you’re exporting your components in a cloud design file from the “File > Export > Zeplin” menu of XD, you’ll get the error that says “Due to technical limitations, exporting components from cloud documents is currently not supported”. You need to save your file locally first.

But with the new XD plugin, we’ve started to support cloud components as well. You can give it a try installing the XD plugin, as I described at the beginning of this article.

☝️ If you also tried exporting with the new plugin, but it didn’t solve your issue, you can check this article to see the limitations of the new plugin.

Hope these help! If you're still having an issue, you can contact us at

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