Managing domains

Learn how to add your company’s domains to your enterprise account

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Account Admins can claim (add, verify) that the email addresses of users are controlled by their enterprise by verifying domains.

☝️ Verified domains for an enterprise account apply to every workspace owned by the enterprise account.

Adding a domain

Go to the Enterprise Account Settings page to add a domain and complete verification.

  1. Type your domain and click on the Next button

  2. Copy the generated TXT record

  3. Submit verification request

  4. Add it to the claimed domain

Zeplin periodically checks your website to verify the TXT record, this may take up to a day. You’ll receive an email once an action has been made on your request.

☝️ You can delete the TXT record once your domain is Verified.


Pending: The status until your domain is processed by Zeplin.

Verified: Your domain is verified, you can set up actions for new users.

Error: If Zeplin is unable to verify your domain, you’ll see an explanation error message and what to do next.

☝️ You can cancel or delete your domain verification request anytime you want.

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