After your domains are verified successfully, you can set up how you want to onboard new users from the Enterprise Account Settings page.

You can access the Enterprise Account Settings page from the Account tab of your profile by clicking on the Manage Account button.

Setting up domains

There are three different domain capture actions that you can set for new Zeplin users that sign up with an email associated with your verified domain. Click on the Setup domain button to start!

Capture new users

Users will be automatically added to a workspace with the role of your choice.

Select a target workspace, default access for the projects (all projects or only invited), and default role (Admin, Editor, Developer, or Reviewer) for new captured users.

☝️ This option prevents captured users from subscribing to a paid plan.

Notify new users

Users will be notified of their account’s capture during onboarding.

You can select Zeplin’s default message that says “Your team, Acme Labs, administers your account. Please reach out to your team’s account administrator to be added to the company workspace.”, or compose a custom message.

☝️ This option prevents captured users from subscribing to a subscription plan.

No action

Users signing up will see no changes to their experience.

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