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Troubleshooting email issues
Troubleshooting email issues

Learn how to fix some email issues you may experience

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If you experience issues getting emails from Zeplin, here are some recommendations to help you solve them.

  1. We recommend you check out if there are any typos on your email address/billing email address. It's possible that you have a typo in the email address, and sadly, in this case, the email can’t be delivered to your inbox successfully.

  2. Sometimes, emails can be delivered to you but placed in your spam or junk folder. You can check your spam folder to see if there are any emails from Zeplin.

  3. Not receiving emails from Zeplin can be related to the servers; emails might be blocked by default. If there is no typo or email in your spam inbox, it might be about the email filtering system on the servers. You can contact your IT team to allowlist all the Zeplin domains on your server. You can find more details about allowlisting Zeplin’s domains in this article.

If you’ve tried all of these solutions and still facing issues, you can contact us at

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