Zeplin uses SketchTool to export the data and the images out of Sketch. This tool does have certain known issues that you should watch out for. 🕵️‍♀️ We're already in touch with the Sketch team and will keep this list updated as they are fixed!

Make sure to try exporting again if you run into an issue, and if it continues, check if it matches any of the known issues below.

If you're having network issues while uploading, like timeouts or bad request errors, check out our Fixing connectivity issues article instead.


Text layers with emojis occasionally cause an error: “Dumping your Sketch document's contents failed with an unusual error.”

Try recreating the text layer with the emoji or simply remove the emoji to see if that helps.

If the text layer is emoji-only, its font might be set to “Apple Color Emoji”. Try changing the font to any other font and export again, this won't change the appearance of the layer.

Large artboards or layers

If you have artboards or exportable layers that are too large, you might encounter an error: “Exporting image failed with an unusual error.”

This usually happens when you're exporting a large artboard that has multiple screens in it. You can either export those screens separately or you could try dividing the large artboard into multiple artboards.

Invisible lines

Certain invisible lines in your vector elements might cause an error: “Exporting image failed with an unusual error.”

This occasionally happens on vectors you bring in from other apps, like Illustrator. Deleting these layers should fix the issue.


If none of these solve the issue, there's another workaround you can try: Copy the artboard, paste it in a new Sketch document and try exporting it from there.

Hope these help, let us know if you're still having an issue!

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