You can add multiple tags to screens to easily locate and filter the content you want to see.

To create a tag from the project's Dashboard page, select the screens you would like to include under this tag and right-click. You can also add a tag from the screen details page, under the Tags section on the right panel, by clicking on the “Manage” button. 

There, a window will appear where you can either create a new tag or associate those screens with an existing tag. As you type, tags get filtered and finally if there’s no match, it lets you create a new one. 

Clicking on a tag in the Dashboard will show all of the screens associated with that tag:

You can even use ⌘ + Click to select multiple tags. For example, only the screens with both Lock Screen and Music tags are listed below.

You can use Jump to Screen, ⌘J, to easily locate a specific screen or screens associated with a specific tag.

You can also tags your screens within Sections. When you select a tag in a project, it will show all of the screens associated with it (even if they exist in separate sections).

☝️To rename a tag, right click on a tag and choose “Rename tag” option. 

☝️You can easily share links of tag with other members in the project. Select tag or tags and right click to copy links.

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