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Comparing app/website with designs using Pop Out
Comparing app/website with designs using Pop Out

Learn how to compare your app/website with designs using pop out on Mac and Windows apps

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You can quickly compare your app/website with the designs as an overlay, using the Pop Out feature.Β 

Click on the Pop Out button on the bottom left or simply use the shortcut ⌘O on the Mac app or Alt+O on the Windows app.

πŸ’β€β™€οΈ Pop Out is only available on desktop apps. But one of our lovely crewmates has just built a Chrome extension to make the Pop Out feature available on the Web app as well. You can also try this: Zeplin Popout Tool

Snap to simulator

On the Mac app, you can click the Phone icon on the bottom to directly snap the Pop Out to simulator in Xcode.

☝️ To be able to use the Snap to simulator feature, Zeplin's Mac app needs to have Screen Recording permission on your Mac.

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