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Developing iOS projects using Zeplin
Developing iOS projects using Zeplin

Learn more about features that help iOS developers

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Zeplin automatically generates resources, including measurements, assets, and code snippets tailored to the platform needs.

Here's a list of features that will help you develop iOS projects:

  • Measurements are in points.

  • Assets are available as:

    • PNGs and optimized PNGs (1x, 2x, 3x)

    • SVGs and optimized SVGs

    • JPGs and optimized JPGs (1x, 2x, 3x)

    • PDFs

☝️ To download SVG assets, make sure that you're using the latest Zeplin Mac app version. If the SVG is not showing up for an older design, re-exporting it should do the trick.

  • The color and font extensions on Swift (UIKit/AppKit and SwiftUI) or Objective-C are available for download from the project styleguide.

SwiftUI code is generated automatically by default when you use the Swift extension. You can still switch to UIKit/AppKit code easily by using the dropdown menu in the header or from the extension options.

  • NSAttributedString code snippets are generated from text layers with multiple attributes.

Working with Xcode

Export assets

When you first export assets into .xcassets  directory of your project, images are added to the appropriate directories, and assets are added to your project. Next time you export another asset, you can simply select the project.

Export color palette

Export a project color palette (from the project styleguide) directly to your asset catalog (Xcode 9 and up).

Snap to simulator

On the Mac app, you can click the Phone icon on the bottom to directly snap the Pop Out to the simulator in Xcode.

☝️ To be able to use the Snap to simulator feature, Zeplin's Mac app needs to have Screen Recording permission on your Mac.

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