Pricing and Discounts

Do you have an official reseller program?

Great news! Zeplin is building out an official reseller/referral program in 2022.

Zeplin presently has relationships with major resellers around the globe for our Enterprise customers who purchase technology through their preferred resellers.

If you’re interested in offering Zeplin to your customers as either a reseller or referral partner or would like additional detail on working through some of our existing reseller partners, contact us at and a crew member from our Partner Success Crew will reach out to you.

Zeplin for the Enterprise

As most resellers are retained by global brands, it will be necessary to satisfy their Enterprise requirements, such as data ownership, authentication, user management, IT Security, and Procurement rules. Zeplin meets these needs only with our Enterprise subscription that can be tailored to each of your customers' specific requirements.

Find out more about Enterprise here, email us at

Do you offer a reseller discount? 

Zeplin offers discounts to our reseller partners. If you are a reseller and are interested in becoming a member of our reseller community contact us at for more information.

Purchases and Renewals

How can I request a quote for my customers as a reseller?

Resellers can submit a quotation request by sending Zeplin an email to A member from our Partner Success Crew will get back to you promptly. In your outreach email, please provide your full name, contact email, and company name. In your email, please include the following:

  • End customer name and location

  • Number of Enterprise seats of Zeplin required (Normally a combination of Designers, Developers, and Administrators)

☝️ This is available only for the Enterprise plan subscriptions. If you want to subscribe to a Team or Organization plan (credit card only), visit this article.

My company purchases all software through resellers. What is the process for purchasing Zeplin Enterprise subscriptions through one of the resellers my company uses?

All you need to do is contact us at with the name of your company, and the name of your preferred reseller, along with a contact there if you have one. We will gladly reach out to the reseller and will assist them in providing you with subscriptions and support.

I purchased a subscription through a reseller. How can I transfer the subscription to another end user at my company?

Depending on the plan you purchased, you can transfer the subscription to the end user by following the steps here:

Last year I purchased a Zeplin subscription through a reseller we use for license and subscription procurement. How do I renew my subscription through my reseller?

Contact your reseller and let them know you’d like to renew your Zeplin subscription. Have them send us an email to and we will work with them to renew or upgrade your subscription. Please also ensure you provide the admin email; it’ll make finding your details a lot easier. Please be aware of the plan changes and that Enterprise is only available through resellers.

Do I need a purchase order (PO) to purchase my subscription through a reseller?

If you purchase subscriptions to software via a reseller, the reseller will issue the Purchase Order to Zeplin, and we will provide them with everything they need to get you started.

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