Pricing and Discounts

Do you have an official reseller program?

Sadly, not at the moment. Users are welcome to use any reseller they want.

What are the payment terms? 

Since Zeplin works with a subscription model, you can choose to be billed on a monthly or annual basis. Annual subscribers are billed once a year upfront; monthly subscribers are billed every month.

How much does Zeplin cost?

Depending on which subscription plan the team is interested in, you will see a different price listed for the monthly or annual billing option. You can view all of the subscription plans/prices here:

Do you offer a reseller discount? 

Zeplin does not offer any discounts at this time. Our goal is to have fair prices for all subscription plans, accessible to all users. 

Are the prices listed in USD?

Yes, all prices listed are in USD.

Purchases and Renewals

How can I request a quote?

You can email us at with your full name, contact email, and company name — we’ll be happy to prepare a quote for you.

What is the process for purchasing a Zeplin subscription?

If it's a new subscription you're purchasing:

  • Create a Zeplin account here, if you don't already have one.

  • Add your credit card.

  • Purchase a subscription.

Depending on the plan you purchased, you can transfer the subscription to the end user by following the steps here: 

To renew an existing subscription, simply make sure your credit card is added to the workspace. This way, Zeplin will bill that credit card on their renewal date. Admins and the workspace owners can check their renewal date from the billing tab of the workspace profile:

Does the subscription auto-renew?

Yes, all active subscriptions will auto-renew on their given renewal date. Depending on which billing cycle you selected, the subscription will auto-renew on a monthly or annual basis. For example, if you purchase a monthly Team plan on January 2nd, the subscription will renew every month on the 2nd.

Users can cancel their subscription at anytime from the billing tab of their workspace profile.

Do I need a purchase order (PO) to purchase my subscription?

No, you can simply purchase or renew a subscription by following the steps listed above.

If you are interested in paying via ACH/wire transfer you can contact us about this at Keep in mind that Zeplin currently only accepts this payment method for the team's subscribing to the annual Enterprise plan.

After I purchase the subscription, where can I find the license key?

Zeplin works with a subscription model, not a licensing one. Once you purchase the subscription on your account, the subscription will be associated with that account/email address. You will automatically get an invoice/receipt via email once payment is received. 

Payments and Taxes

What payment methods do you accept?

Zeplin currently accepts all major credit cards as payment methods. ACH/wire transfer payments are available to teams that purchase the Enterprise plan annually—contact us at to start the process.

Sadly, we are unable to accept physical checks at this time.

Are VAT taxes included?

Since Zeplin is a U.S. based company, VAT taxes do not apply.

We recommend you add your VAT number to the “Additional information on invoice” section, you can learn how to do this here: Updating invoice and billing information

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the software distributed? 

Users can use Zeplin from a supported browser or by downloading one of Zeplin's desktop apps. You can learn more about this here:

How can I manage the subscription?

Once you transfer a subscription's ownership, you’ll be assigned as an Admin under the workspace. Only Admins and the workspace owner can manage the subscription and payment method associated with it.

If you leave the workspace or you’re removed from the it by the owner or any other Admin, it’ll not be possible for you to manage the subscription.

Is the subscription per user or per device?

The pricing is based on the number of paid seats added to the workspace. Team members added to the workspace as a paid seat can access the technical details or edit designs based on their roles. You can learn more about our plans & prices here:

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