Transferring a workspace

Learn how to transfer your Team, Organization, or Enterprise plan to another member

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You can transfer the ownership of your workspace to another workspace member from the Workspace Members page. Click on your profile image on the right top of the app and select your workspace to go to the Workspace Members page.

From this page, click on a member and you will see the “Transfer ownership” button up top.

Only members with an Owner or Admin role can transfer the workspace ownership for the Team, Organization, and Enterprise plans.

Owners can transfer the ownership to any other workspace member except Reviewers, and Admins can only transfer the ownership to themselves. If you are a workspace Admin, you can transfer the ownership to yourself first, and then you’ll be able to transfer the ownership to another workspace member.

☝️ It’s not possible to transfer the workspace to a user who is not a member of your workspace.

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