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Organizing components using Sections and Groups
Organizing components using Sections and Groups

Learn how to organize components in your Styleguides using Sections and Groups

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After you export your symbols into the Styleguide, you can organize them in the Components tab of the Styleguide, using Sections and Groups.

Creating a section

To create a section, you can select a component or multiple components, right-click and select “New Section from Selection”.

Once your section is set up, you can drag and drop components into it. You can also collapse it to hide the components within it.

Sorting components in sections using groups

Within a section, you can also create groups to further organize your components.

To create a group, you can select multiple screens in the section, right-click and select “New Group from Selection”. You can also drag and drop a component on top of another in the section and it will automatically create a group for those two components.

You can also re-arrange the order of groups inside a section by hovering over the group on the top-left and dragging and dropping it into place.

Sharing components

You can share the link of a component with other users in the styleguide. Select a component and right-click to copy links.

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