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Using Markdown in your styleguide and spacing system descriptions
Using Markdown in your styleguide and spacing system descriptions

Learn about the different Markdown features supported in styleguide and spacing system descriptions

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You can now add a Markdown-formatted description to your styleguide and spacing system, which allows your team to more formally document the resources available there. 

Here, you can mention topics like: design philosophy, how the styleguide should be applied across the product, best practices and so on.

Using Markdown, you can organize and stylize the content so it can easily be read and referenced by your team. 

Commonly used Markdown features:

Use # in front of some text to provide emphasis. You can even use multiple #  to add hierarchy.

 # Ice Cream       
 ## Ice Cream
 ### Ice Cream


You can wrap your text with **  to make it bold.

**Fudge Brownie** 


Use   _   around your text to italicize it. 



Add  ~  around your text to add a strike through it. 



Add a code block by wrapping the text with   `  .

  `whipped cream`    


Using  >  in front of a block of text will show it indented.
 >And cherries?  

You can also add links, images, GIFs, and videos. 


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