If you are invited to an Organization, you can now pin any active project owned by the organization for quick access.

Pinning projects

To pin a project from the organization workspace, hover over the thumbnail of any active project and click on the pin icon that appears. This will pin the project to the top of your workspace in the order the projects were pinned.

You can only pin 4 projects at a time—pinning more projects will unpin the oldest project from the pinned projects list. 

Keep in mind, you can only pin active projects. If a pinned project gets archived, it will be removed from your pinned projects list.

Removing a pinned project

To remove a pinned project from the top of the workspace, click on the pin icon.

☝️ Pinning projects is only available to those invited to an Organization: anyone with an Owner, Admin, Editor or Member role can do this. Aliens are not able to pin projects at this time.

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