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Limitations of the Adobe XD plugin
Limitations of the Adobe XD plugin

Learn how to fix export issues on XD Plugin

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🎉 We’ve rebuilt the Adobe XD integration from the ground up to fix critical export issues like cloud components exports. You can give the new Zeplin Adobe XD plugin a try by following the details here.

☝️ You can still use the previous XD (legacy) plugin and see it listed under the “File > Export” menu. On the legacy plugin, you can only publish designs from locally saved files — not Adobe cloud.

With this brand-new integration, Zeplin uses Adobe XD Plugin APIs to export data and images out of Adobe XD. This API does have certain known issues and limitations that you should watch out for.🕵️ We're already in touch with the Adobe team and will keep this list updated as they are changed or fixed!

If you run into an issue, make sure to try exporting again. If the issue persists, check here to see if it matches any of the known issues below.

Artboard size limits

Zeplin exports artboards and components as 2x by default to support Retina displays. This behavior has an exception for Adobe XD plugin exports.

If you have an artboard/component bigger than 8000x8000 pixels, Zeplin exports it as 1x instead of 2x.

If your artboard/component is bigger than 16000x16000 pixels, due to technical limitations on Adobe XD Plugin APIs, Zeplin plugin displays an error: “Your selection contains some artboards over the export limitations”

You need to reduce the size of those artboards/components to export them successfully.

Not launching the Zeplin app

If you install the Zeplin plugin in Adobe XD but don’t have the Zeplin desktop app installed yet, the plugin won’t be able to launch Zeplin once the export process is done. Please download the Zeplin desktop app here and try exporting again.


Due to the technical limitations on Adobe XD Plugin APIs, it’s sadly not possible to get grid data for now.

Seeing file location

It is not possible to see the file location of your design file on Zeplin anymore.

Previously, with the older version of the plugin, Zeplin showed the file location on the right panel of the screen if you're the user who exported that screen and you're using the same machine that you used to export. You would be able to directly open the design file in XD by clicking on the file name.

Hope these help, let us know at if you're still having an issue!

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