Zeplin recently released rebuilt the Adobe XD integration from the ground up to fix critical performance issues and support cloud documents.

☝️ You can still use the previous XD (legacy) plugin and see it listed under the “Plugins” menu. On the legacy plugin, you can only publish designs from locally saved files — not Adobe cloud.

Installing the plugin

In order to publish your designs from XD you will need to first:

  1. Install the plugin: https://zpl.io/xd-plugin

  2. Download the desktop app

  3. Sign up for a Free Zeplin account*

  4. Create a project (if you haven't been invited to one)

Once the plugin is installed, you can access the plugin from the menu up top: "Plugins" > "Zeplin for XD".

You can also access the plugin using shortcuts:

  • On Mac: Ctrl+Shift+E

  • On Windows: Ctrl+Alt+Z

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