You can move your colors, text styles and components from a project’s local styleguide or a global styleguide to another styleguide.

Moving colors

To move colors, go into your project and navigate to the Styleguide tab, then click on the "..." button on the right top of the Color Palette section. You'll see the "Move Colors to Styleguide" option.

Moving text styles

You can move your text styles too in this way. Switch to the Text Style Catalog section, click on the “…” button on the right top, and select "Move Text Styles to Styleguide" option.

Moving components

If you have components under your local styleguide, to move them to another styleguide, you first need to create a section for your components.

Then, click on the “…” button on the right top of the section, and select "Move Section to Styleguide" option.

☝️ It’s not possible to move spacing tokens from your local styleguide to a global styleguide. You’ll need to re-create your spacing system in the global styleguide.

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