Styleguides are treated like projects—you will now be able to view your Global Styleguides in a separate tab and select one to export directly to it (without the styleguide being linked to a project!)

You can export your components directly to your styleguide, then they will be listed under the Components section in the styleguide. 

In Sketch, Figma and Adobe XD, if you have colors and text styles defined in your design file, Zeplin detects these colors and text styles and shows them as suggestions under the styleguide's "Color Palette" and "Text Style Catalog" sections while exporting your components. This way, you can immediately add all of them or pick which ones to add.

Also, the Sketch plugin for Zeplin now contains two new export options: “Export Colors" and “Export Text Styles". You can directly export your text styles and colors set up in Sketch to your styleguide by using these export options

☝️ Zeplin only exports document colors or colors you have set up in layer styles, from Sketch. It also displays the exact names of these colors, that you named in Sketch.

Keep in mind that linked styleguides inherit colors, text styles and components from the parent styleguide, so you only need to export the colors, text styles and components that are unique to that specific styleguide based on the platform type (Base, Web, iOS or Android). If you have project level specific resources, you can include those in your project styleguide instead.

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