Zeplin automatically fetches text styles (or character styles) of an Adobe XD document when you export any artboard or component in it.

☝️ Make sure your Adobe XD file is saved locally on your device before exporting. Due to a technical limitation, it’s not possible to export text styles from a file saved on Adobe Cloud.

These text styles will be suggested under the Text Style Catalog section of either your project's Styleguide tab or your styleguide. You can either add them all using the “Add All” button or click separately on the ones you want to add individually.

If you ignore them once by clicking “Ignore these text styles”, Zeplin doesn't show these text styles again on your next export, to not bug you all the time. To reset this, select “Help > Reset Suggested Text Styles” from the menu up top, while you're in a project or a styleguide.

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