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Flow links in Stage Mode

Learn how flow links work in the Stage Mode

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You can use the flow links to navigate to the connected screens in Stage Mode.

While presenting, you'll see a connector indicator snapped to a screen's edge if that screen is connected to another screen in a flow. You can also click on a screen in Stage Mode to highlight individual layers or components having a flow connector.

When you click on the connector indicator or highlighted elements, you will be directed to the targeted screen. Alternatively, you can always use the left arrow key or “Back” button at the top left corner to return to the previous screen you navigated from.

💁‍♀️ If the layer/component is connected to multiple screens to navigate, then Zeplin shows a list to help users select which one to go to.

☝️ Flow connectors will not be shown in Stage Mode if they’re linked to a shape in a flow.

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