Sharing App URIs

Learn how to share App URIs with your team, for projects or screens

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App URIs are special links that open projects or screens directly on Zeplin's Mac or Windows apps. They look similar to this:


Web links

On both the desktop and Web apps, you can copy Web links that link to a project or styleguide from their right panel. These share links open the target page on the Web app.

Similar to projects and styleguides, Web links to screens or components can be copied from their right panel by clicking the copy link button.

App URls

If you’d like to share App URls of your projects or styleguides, you can right-click on their thumbnails under your workspace. You’ll see the copy link options there.

To get the URls of screens or components, you can right-click on a screen card from the project Dashboard or component under the styleguide.

Sharing URIs

When you share these URIs with your teammates on apps such as Slack or Trello, they should become clickable links:

Sadly, not all apps support these URIs, so they might not become clickable. In that case, we'd recommend using Web links instead.

☝️ To open the App URIs, you need to have one of Zeplin's desktop apps installed.

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