Sharing App URIs

Learn how to share App URIs with your team, for projects or screens

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App URIs are special links that open projects or screens directly on Zeplin's Mac or Windows apps. They look similar to this:


You can get URIs from both desktop and Web apps. URI that links to a project can be copied from the project's Dashboard tab, right panel after you click on the “Share” button:

URI that links to a screen can be copied from the screen's right panel, under the Information tab:

On the Web app, you can hover over the App URI and use the “Open in App” button to open the URI on the desktop app:

Sharing URIs

When you paste these URIs to apps like Slack or Trello, to share them with your teammates, they should become clickable:

Sadly, not all apps support these URIs though, so they might not become clickable. In that case, we'd recommend using Web links instead.

If you'd like to, you can ping the app's team as well, asking them to start supporting Zeplin URIs. 🤓

☝️ To open the App URIs, you need to have one of Zeplin's desktop apps installed.

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