Enabling your notifications

From the Web app, you can toggle the desktop and email notifications on/off: 

Types of notifications sent

For email notifications, you will receive an email when:

  • You are mentioned in a comment.

  • Someone replies to a note you initiated.

  • You are invited to a project/styleguide.

  • Your role in a project/styleguide is updated.

  • You are invited to a workspace.

  • Your role in a workspace is updated.

  • Your teammate accepted your invitation to join Zeplin.

You will receive an in-app notification when:

  • A screen is added/deleted from a project.

  • A new version of a screen is added to a project.

  • A note, text style, or color is added/removed from a project.

  • A teammate joins a project.

☝️ Sadly, it's not possible to specify which actions/events you receive notifications for at this time. 

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