When you export your artboards/frames with links to Zeplin, these links will be clickable in Zeplin as well, with no additional setup. Selecting a layer below a hotspot will inform the user and present a button on the right panel to quickly jump to the destination.

More importantly, when you hold down the Shift key all the hotspots will be revealed and you can click them to navigate between screens.

These links not just help everyone understand the relationship between designs, but also help them quickly jump between screens without even going back to the project dashboard.

Check our our blog post explaining the feature in detail: https://blog.zeplin.io/flows-in-zeplin-round-one-c56550f23f0f

☝️ Next step is to present an overview of designs with links between them, as we like to call it, a Storyboard. This will provide an alternative way, a more visual way of viewing all the designs in your project dashboard. We’d love to hear more on how you share your flows within the team — ping us with your ideas/suggestions at support@zeplin.io.

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