In order to publish your designs from Figma you will need to:

1. Install the plugin

2. Download the desktop app
3. Sign up for a Free Zeplin account*

4. Create a project (if you haven't been invited to one)

Once you're logged in to the Zeplin desktop app, make sure to log in to the Figma plugin as well.

*To successfully log in to the Figma plugin, you will need to verify the email address of your Zeplin account.

Publishing your designs from Figma

Right-click on the canvas and select 'Plugins' from the menu and 'Zeplin'. Then, you can select the frames and components you want to publish and press 'Export'.

Zeplin will take a few seconds to prepare the frames and you will be asked to select a project to publish in Zeplin.

When your frames and components are published, you can easily sync any new changes into Zeplin without having to select the project again.

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