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Fixing payment issues when your credit card fails
Fixing payment issues when your credit card fails

Learn how you can fix payment issues related to your credit card

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The payments for your subscription renewal invoices or additional seat invoices may fail due to many reasons. No worries though, you won't lose access to your projects immediately.

When a payment fails, Zeplin sends an email to your account email address to let you know your unsuccessful payment. It has a grace period of 14 days that is starting from the first day our payment provider attempted to bill your credit card on file and the payment attempts will continue 4 more times in the upcoming days automatically.

If your payments fail or don’t go through, it’s usually an issue with the card you’re using. Many of these issues can be quickly and easily fixed. We listed some common reasons why you may be having payment issues below.

Keep in mind that you can update your credit card information on file anytime you want from your Billing page. Updating your card while there is a failed invoice prompts another payment attempt. If your new card is valid, this payment will be approved.

You can also try to pay your failed invoice using the one-time payment link in the unsuccessful payment emails you got.

Common reasons for failed payments

The payment was declined by your credit card provider

You may need to get in touch with your bank to find out why the payment has not gone through. For example, your bank can confirm if the transaction is authorized or not. Once the issue is resolved, you can update your credit card information from your Billing page.

Your card expired

If your card’s expiration date passed before your subscription renewal date, the payment fails. To fix this and submit the payment, you can update your credit card information. Ensure the information is accurate.

Your bank account has insufficient funds

If you’re using a debit card for your Zeplin subscription, and your account balance is too low at the time of your renewal, the payment fails. Zeplin will keep trying your payment over the next several days, so you can fix the issue by adding funds to the account as soon as you can.

Your bank prevented the charge for another reason

Other issues can occur with cards on file, even if you’ve used them to pay for subscriptions before. If your card hasn’t expired and your account has sufficient funds, contact your bank and ask for more information about the failed charges. After resolving any issues with your bank, try the payment again from your Billing page. If the issue persists, it might also be a temporary connection issue, so wait for the next attempts.

☝️ Tip: If your bank is located in India and your subscription renewal payment failed, you may need to update your billing credit card or try one more time with a one-time payment link from the failure email. You'll need to do this for every renewal payment failure.

⚠️ If you’re on the monthly plan, after 5 failed attempts, the subscription is canceled automatically by the system. If you’re on the annual plan and there is a failed payment due to additional members added within the billing cycle, the subscription is suspended automatically after 5 failed attempts.

If you’re still experiencing the issue after trying out these steps, you can contact us at

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