Updating invoice and billing information

Learn how to set up your billing details and add additional information to your invoices

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Who can use this feature?

Basic plans

  • Only the Owner of the subscription.

Team, Organization, or Enterprise plans

  • Only members with an Admin or higher role.

Basic plans

You'll need to visit the Billing tab in your profile to update the invoice and billing information. From there, click the "Update billing details" button:

☝️ If you're on the deprecated Starter or Growing Business plans, you can follow the same flow.

Team, Organization, or Enterprise plans

Click the Settings button at the top of your Workspace Members page, navigate to the Billing tab, and click the "Update billing details" button to update invoice and billing information.

Setting billing email

Zeplin sends invoices to the email address associated with the subscription owner's account. You can also set a different billing email to receive copies of your invoices.

You can set the billing email from the dialogue that opens when you click the "Update billing details" button.

☝️ If you are a reseller and you’d like to set yourself as the billing email, you’ll need to contact the Owner or one of the Admins of the workspace so that they can update this.

Setting billing address

Zeplin calculates sales tax based on your billing address and applies tax if you're a user based in the United States. To set up your billing address, click the "Update billing details" button shown in the screenshot above.

You can learn more about sales tax here.

Adding additional information on your invoices

Currently, Zeplin uses the initial sections in the form only for tax purposes. If you need to see the information such as your company name, VAT number, and so on, you'll need to fill in the "Additional information on invoice" section with the necessary information.

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