Managing Tags & Tag Groups

Learn how to reorder, delete, rename, or sort Tags and Tag Groups in your project

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You can reorder, sort, delete, or rename your Tags and Tag Groups in a project to organize them based on your needs.

☝️ It’s not possible to make changes to the “Approval Status” tag group since it’s reserved by Zeplin. Check out this article for more details.

Reordering tags

You can reorder tags within their group or across groups by dragging and dropping them, except the Status tag.

☝️ Tags can only be reordered within the same group or other groups of the same type.

Deleting and renaming a tag/tag group

To delete or rename a tag, right-click on a tag and choose the desired action.

You can also delete or rename a tag group by clicking on the name of the tag group.

Sorting tags

You can sort the individual tags or tags in your Default or Status tag groups alphabetically. To do this, right-click on a tag and select the “Sort Tags by” > “A-Z” option.

☝️ Reordering tags in a tag group manually will reset the sorting to “None”.

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