Requesting a design approval

Learn how to request approvals from your teammates

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To request an approval, click on the ⨁ icon and select a team member or type their name in the search bar. Note that only users with Developer or higher roles can request approvals.

☝️ If you choose a workspace member not currently in the project, they will automatically be added to the project. Note that the user must be part of the workspace prior to inviting the approver.

After creating the approval request, a "Pending Approval” banner will appear on the top left side of the screen for all users within the project. You can use the “See details” button to open the "Approvals" tab — review all requests and comments and create multiple approval requests to the same screen.

The screen will also be tagged as “Pending” in the “Approval Status” tag group to help you filter screens with pending approvals within your project dashboard. Check out this article for more details.

Deleting a request

To delete the request, the requestor can access the "Approvals" tab and click on the "See details" button from the right panel. From there, you can hover over a specific request and click the “Delete” button to remove the request.

Workspace Owner or Admins can also delete requests through the Approvals tab.

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