Reviewing an approval request

Learn how to review an approval request

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When your teammate requests an approval from you, you'll receive an email notification and a message both in your team workspace and project dashboard pages. Click on the link provided in the email notification to jump right to the request or access the approval request from the dashboard.

Approving requests

Zeplin lists all approval requests on the screen detail right panel, under the Approvals section, including details about who requested your approval and any comments the requester left.

To approve a request, click on the "Approve" button on the request directly, or you can click on the "See details" for requester comments.

Once all the requests have been approved, the banner on the top left will be updated—indicating a successful approval.

The screen will also be tagged as “Approved” in the “Approval Status” tag group to help you filter approved screens within your project dashboard. Check out this article for more details.

Requesting changes

​​If you want to see more details and consider making changes before approving, you can click the "..." button next to the "Approve" button. You will see the "Request changes" option to leave a comment with your recommendation. This option will also be available under the "See Details" section.

☝️ Requesting a change will not remove the approval request. You can approve it anytime after the changes are made.

To learn more on how to incorporate your approval process into Zeplin and/or any other topic related to Zeplin, reach out to our Customer Success crew at to schedule a 30-minute call.

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