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FAQ about Zeplin’s Summer Breeze release
FAQ about Zeplin’s Summer Breeze release

Learn more about the Summer Breeze release, the changes, and the new plans

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Summary: On June 11, 2024, we announced Zeplin's Summer Breeze release which includes a redesigned app, all-new project-based plans for personal and small teams, and updates to the Free plan. Read more about these changes and what they mean for you as current Zeplin users.

A redesigned app for more fluid workflows

Zeplin has launched a redesigned app as part of its “Summer Breeze” Release. This means a modern, fresh look with a lighter user experience that’s consistent across web and native apps.

💁‍♀️ We are committed to ensuring minimal disruption of your everyday work in Zeplin. With this redesign, we’ve made it easier for you to get to your favorite features and continue shipping beautiful products without a hitch.

Why the redesign?

Since our last design refresh five years ago, Zeplin has grown beyond just a tool for handoff. Our newer features have not only pioneered workflows in the design-to-dev collaboration space — and set the stage for new entrants in the market — but also brought in new teams of all shapes and sizes.

As our users have grown with us, we have always wanted to revisit Zeplin’s core user interface. With this redesign, we aim to accomplish four key goals:

  1. Create a welcoming, design-led experience for Zeplin’s newer capabilities for design documentation, project organization, version control, task management, stakeholder approvals, design system discoverability, and deep integrations with developer tools.

  2. Provide a consistent user experience across Zeplin’s web and MacOS app – so you can access the best and newest features on any platform.

  3. Eliminate the need to download and install a new app with each update.

  4. Ship faster, more frequent updates, improvements, and bug fixes.

We're excited to welcome new and returning users looking not just for more control, structure, and precision from their design delivery but also for an affordable price point that works for wherever you are in your product journey. Learn more about Zeplin’s new project-based plans.

What this means for current Zeplin users

On June 11, 2024 and after, when you log into Zeplin’s web app, you will automatically have access to the Zeplin Summer Breeze release in your browser.

On Zeplin’s macOS app, you will be asked to update your app one final time — that means no more updates in the future! This will automatically take you to Zeplin’s Summer Breeze release (see below for details).

Our highest priority is supporting you and your team as you transition to the new release. Our Support and Success crews will be available across time zones to answer questions, resolve issues, and guide you through new workflows.

Please contact Or join an upcoming Deep Dive session to get a live tour and answers for your questions in a group setting.

Changes at a glance

We’ve worked hard to make sure you experience no interruptions to your usual ways of working once you are in the redesigned Zeplin app. When you log in for the first time, you will notice improvements in the following areas:

  • Lighter yet information-rich interface for Workspace & Project Dashboards

  • Enhanced typography and colors throughout the app

  • Dark mode for web

  • A handy workspace panel to help you zip through your list of Project Sections

  • Improved access points for Versioning, Approvals, and Pop-Out at the Screen Detail level, along with a cleaner inspect panel

  • Version previews and numbers

  • Previews of Figma prototypes in comments and annotations

  • The ability to directly copy SVGs in Zeplin

  • The ability to hover to view spacing values in auto layout

Some interactions have shifted access points, but no functionality or feature has been removed. For a deeper dive into exactly what’s changed, check out the release blog.

macOS app users

  1. Logging in: When you open the Zeplin macOS app on release day, you will be asked to update your app – which will trigger an automatic replacement with Zeplin’s new Summer Breeze release for the macOS app. This auto-replace will work over VPN.

  2. Opening links: If you’re using Zeplin’s macOS app, any links to Zeplin will open in the new app.

  3. Exporting designs: There will be no material difference in the way designs are exported to Zeplin. You may notice minor UX improvements to the export flow when using Zeplin’s plugins for Figma, Sketch, and Adobe XD.

  4. New installs: Starting June 11, 2024, the redesigned app (/Summer Breeze release) will be the foundation (/default) for all new installs of Zeplin’s macOS app on your machine.

Introducing Zeplin’s new project-based Basic plans

Zeplin now has brand new project-based Basic plans, and a new Free plan with expanded features. These new plans are designed around a simple core belief we hold at Zeplin that the tools to build beautiful products should be accessible to all product creators, from individual freelancers to the largest of enterprises.

Which plan is right for me or my organization?

If you’re just getting started with Zeplin, you can now try for free with our updated Free plan with new, extended features and access.

Zeplin’s project-based Basic plans are ideal for individuals and small teams who need an affordable, time-bound solution for handoff and design-to-dev collaboration. These plans offer:

  • Project-based pricing, which is perfect for personal use or client invoicing.

  • The ability to purchase a Basic 1, 3, or 6 project pack, so you can manage clients by project

  • Unlimited members — no need to worry about the hassle of seat-based pricing when inviting reviewers or collaborators on your project.

  • Unlimited screens and access to all core features

You will not be able to archives projects or styleguides on Basic plans.

Zeplin’s workspace-based Team, Organization, or Enterprise plans are recommended for businesses and organizations that want to standardize and scale best practices in design-dev workflows across many related projects, teams, or business units working async.

  • Get administrative oversight with user permission controls and cross-project organization for better per-seat price value than market alternatives.

  • Priority support and advanced security features (including SSO, MFA, and activity logs) on the Enterprise plan. Contact sales for a demo and quote.

☝️ We explained all features in detail in this Choosing a subscription plan article. If you still have any questions, feel free to reach us at We’d love to help you decide on your Zeplin plan.

What’s the difference between a Member on Basic plans and a Member on Team, Organization, or Enterprise plans?

On Basic plans, you can add unlimited members to your projects. Everyone can upload designs, view specs and code snippets, and actively edit the information inside a project. This plan is best for time-bound, single-purpose projects with many active collaborators. If you need to restrict access by role or manage and organize work across several related projects, consider our workspace plans.

Team, Organization, or Enterprise plans allow you to add members with specific roles – like Reviewer, Developer, Editor, or Admin – to control access per member by function, team, or need. You can add unlimited Reviewers to your workspace free of charge. They can access and comment on all the information inside the workspace. See the roles table below.

I am a current Zeplin user — what has changed in the current plans?

What has changed in Zeplin’s Free plan?

Previously, you could add 5 members to your project on the Free plan. We’ve enhanced our Free plan by removing this user limit and adding all of the core features you need such as Version Diff, Flows, Approvals for flawless design delivery.

You can learn all the features that the Free plan offers here.

What has changed in Zeplin’s Team and Organization plans?

Team plan

Previously, you could use Flows for 6 projects and Approvals for 1 project on the Team plan. We've removed these limits and added support for Azure Dev Ops integration.

Organization plan

Previously, you could use Flows for 12 projects and Approvals for 12 projects on the Organization plan. We've removed these limits and added support for Azure Dev Ops integration to help your entire organization move faster from design to development.

Can I downgrade from Team or Organization to one of the new Basic plans?

No. These plans address two different groups.

The Basic plans are ideal for individuals and small teams. They don't offer a centralized workspace where your teammates can benefit from the same structured documentation.

The Team and Organization plans are ideal for cross-functional product teams consistently shipping many related projects and products together.

What is an active project?

Active projects are projects that you are currently working on. If you aren’t working on a project, you can archive it, and it won’t count against the total number of projects you purchased.

Does Zeplin work with Figma?

Yes! Simply add the Zeplin plugin to your Figma project to start publishing frames (or screens) to Zeplin immediately. Use Zeplin as your structured workspace to align on final designs, requirements, and user flows for a high-quality handoff experience for your developers.

☝️ You can find any resources that you’d need to publish your Figma files to Zeplin in this collection: Figma Integration

How does Zeplin protect, store, and process my data?

We explained this in detail here.

How are we billed for upgrades?

When you upgrade to a higher-tier plan or add new members with paid seats on the Team or Organization plans, you’ll be billed for a prorated amount to cover the difference between your previous and current plans.

You can learn more about how Zeplin handles prorated invoices here.

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