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FAQ about the Team plan subscription
FAQ about the Team plan subscription

Learn more about the Team plan pricing

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How is the Team plan priced?

The Team plan’s pricing is per-seat based. As you add more seats, the fee for each additional seat will be prorated, and your credit card on file will be billed dynamically at the end of your monthly billing cycle.

You can still invite users who need to view designs (without technical specs) and add notes for free, as Reviewers. Reviewers don’t take up paid seats.

It's $8/seat per month if you subscribe annually, and $10/seat per month if you subscribe monthly.

What is a “seat”?

Seats represent the number of users you subscribed for.

I subscribe to the monthly Team plan for 5 seats. I’m currently the only member in the workspace, and my role is Owner.

What is a “member”?

Members are users who are invited to your workspace, including Developers, Editors, and Reviewers.

I invite 4 users to our workspace. I assign one of them as an Admin and assign the rest as Developers.

In addition, I invite 1 more user as a Reviewer. I’m not billed for this user since the Reviewer is free of charge.

We now have 6 members in our workspace.

Who needs a seat in the Team plan?

A seat is required to publish designs, access technical specs, and download assets. Viewing a project and reading/adding notes does not require a seat. Owner, admins, designers, and developers need seats in the Team plan.

How can I switch between workspaces?

On Zeplin, all users start with a personal workspace. When you upgrade to a paid subscription, you get an additional workspace. You can access your team workspace by using the dropdown button at the top of your screen:

How can I add more seats to my subscription?

Click the settings button on your Workspace Members page and head to the Billing tab. There, you can add seats to your organization.

When you add seats, you can allocate them right away. You’ll be billed at the end of the month for the prorated amount if you’re on the annual billing cycle. If you’re on the monthly billing cycle, you’ll see the prorated amount in your next invoice.

I need 3 more seats to invite our designers. I add 3 seats from the billing page, I can see the exact amount I’ll be billed for these additional seats.

We now have 9 members in our workspace: 8 paid seats and 1 Reviewer.

Inviting members from the Workspace Members page

You can also add members from your Workspace Members page. When inviting a user and selecting a role that requires a seat (Admin, Editor/Developer), if you don’t have any seats available, Zeplin will apply a 7-day grace period before incurring a charge. Within the grace period, you can either confirm or revert the changes or remove the members from the workspace completely. Learn more about the grace period here.

How can I remove seats from my subscription?

Click the settings button on your Workspace Members page and head to the Billing tab. There, you can add or remove seats from your subscription.

You can remove seats after you remove users from your member list. When you remove seats, it’ll take effect on your next renewal date. You’ll see a pending change that lists the number of seats you’ll have and the amount you’ll pay at the renewal date.

If you want to change the number of seats you want to remove, you can do so from the Billing tab. Your pending change will be updated immediately.

We have 8 paid seats in the subscription but use 5 of them. To continue with 5 seats, I removed 3 seats from the billing page. I’ll pay for 5 seats on the next renewal.

Managing pending seat changes

You can cancel a pending seat change anytime you want and go back to using the seat number you had previously.

☝️ If you decide to add a new Admin, Editor/Developer, your pending seat change will be canceled automatically.

What happens when I remove members from the Workspace Members page?

Removing members doesn’t remove their seats. For example, when you remove an Admin, Editor/Developer from your organization, you’ll be able to allocate their seat to a new member (of any of those roles).

For which roles do I need to pay?

Owner, Admin, Editor/Developer roles take up a paid seat, Reviewer role is free of charge. You can learn more about roles here:

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