All Zeplin subscriptions auto-renew by default. Depending on which billing cycle you selected, you will be charged the monthly or annual subscription fee with the payment information on your Billing page until you cancel your subscription.

If you’re looking to prevent auto renewal for the next billing cycle, make sure to cancel your subscription before the renewal date. You can check your plan’s upcoming renewal date from the billing tab in your profile on the Web app.

When you cancel your subscription, your plan will be set to downgrade to the Free plan at the end of your current billing cycle. Your projects will be archived automatically once your subscription canceled as the Free plan offers only 1 project. You can activate them at any time, as long as you have a subscription with enough project slots.

☝️ Archived projects are still stored in the cloud, but they're not accessible to you or your teammates.

Can I get a refund?

Zeplin does not offer refunds for the cancellation of your Starter Plan, Growing Business Plan, Organization Plan, or Enterprise Plan subscriptions for your current subscription period (Section 7. Payments and Subscription in our Terms).


I canceled my subscription, can I get a refund?

When you cancel your subscription, it will remain active until the end of your current billing cycle. At this time, there are no refunds available.

I downgraded my subscription from Growing Business Plan to the Starter Plan, what will happen to the money I paid?

When you downgrade your subscription, the prorated amount of the remaining time of your initial plan will be added to your account as a credit and will be used for the next payment of your new plan. No downgrade refunds are available at this time.

I paid for the entire year, we were on the annual billing cycle but now I changed it to the monthly billing cycle. Do I get a refund for the price difference?

If you change your billing cycle, the prorated amount of the remaining time of your annual plan will be added to your account as a credit and you’ll be billed monthly from now on. The credit will be used for the next payments. There will be no downgrade refunds.

☝️ If something unexpected happened (see cases below), contact us at We’ll be happy to investigate further.

I didn’t subscribe, but I was still billed

Please first check if someone you know subscribed with your credit card info. If you think your credit card has been used without your authorization or if you don't have an account and need help, contact us at with the payment details such as the amount billed and the expiration date and last 4 digits of your credit card. We’ll be happy to look up a subscription tied to your payment method.

Canceled my subscription but I was still billed

You can check your personal subscription status from your profile, in the Billing tab. Under Plan Details:

  • If it shows you’re on the Free Plan, it means you are not subscribed to one of the paid plans. It’s possible that you are subscribed to one of the team plans (Organization or Enterprise)—you can check this from the billing tab under the settings in the Organization dashboard. To cancel your team plan subscription, contact us at
  • If it shows you’re on the Starter Plan or Growing Business plan, it means your subscription is still active. You can cancel it from your profile. Make sure that you see the confirmation window to verify that you’ve canceled successfully.

I was billed twice in a month

It’s possible there is another Zeplin account subscribed with the same payment details. We’d love to investigate if you can share the payment details with us at

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