August 2022

  • You can now present your screens in Zeplin and get feedback on them through comments with the Stage Mode. Learn more.

  • Drag & Drop now supports multiple selected screens and projects.

  • You can now tidy up any uneven spacing between screens in Flows. Simply select screens to distribute them horizontally.

  • Added two new zoom-out levels — 6% and 3% — for Flows. This will make it easier for teams with larger flow boards to get the full picture.

July 2022

  • Enterprise plan users will now be able to easily administer Enterprise accounts in Zeplin with new account and domain management settings with the new Account Admin role, Account Settings page, and Domain Capture capabilities. Learn more.

June 2022

  • You can now customize where your connector lines are drawn by simply hovering over the connector line and dragging them to where they need to be. Learn more.

  • Multi-select is live on the Web and Windows apps!

    • Now, it’s possible to select a bunch of screens, and do all the actions available: Add them to Flows, add/remove tags to them, download all as images, move them to a section or create a new section with them, move them to a project or just delete them all.

    • Same goes for projects! Drag to select multiple projects and move them to a section, create a new section with them, or bulk change their statuses.

May 2022

  • You can now link annotations to components on your screens. You can check out more details here.

    • Linked annotations show up in all screens the same component is used in.

    • If components are moved around in future iterations, linked annotations will move with them automatically.

  • You can now see a list of all sections in a project and jump to one right away.

  • Bug fixes & improvements to flows:

    • If you're using a mouse, you can now easily scroll around flows (and screens) by holding down the middle mouse button. You can also zoom in and out with the scroll wheel while holding down the Command or the Control key.

    • Move selected screens and/or shapes in a flow using the arrow keys.

April 2022

  • Screen tags are back: You can now see all tags added to a screen in the right panel when inspecting screens. You’ll see tags listed by frequency of use. To add or remove a tag while on a screen, use ⌘+T on the Mac app and ⌥/Ctrl+T on the web app.

  • The Sketch Cloud file link now appears in the right panel for Web & Windows apps.

  • You can now order colors in Styleguides for Web & Windows apps.

  • You’ll be able to copy the link for multiple tags for Web and Windows apps.

March 2022

  • You can now capture decision trees, actions, and placeholder screens in Flows using shapes. Available in 3 types: Diamond, Rectangle, Pill. 🔷🔵🟦

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