November Updates

Product News

  • Figma Plugin 3.0: You can now export your designs from Figma to Zeplin directly within the plugin. You can select a project or create a new project to export into it, track the export progress, and retry failed exports, through the plugin. Check out this article to learn how to publish your designs from Figma to Zeplin.

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October Updates

Product News

  • Highlight Components: Identify reusable design components at a glance: View and highlight all design components and any linked information to code. Learn more.

  • Improved Storybook integration: Link and sync design components to code by simply entering your Storybook URL. Learn more.

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September Updates

Product News

  • SCIM (System for Cross-domain Identity Management): Enterprise Plan users can now use SCIM to manage their workspace members in Zeplin through an Identity Provider of their choice. Learn more.

  • Login with Figma: You can now login to Zeplin with your Figma account!

  • Performance improvements for large screens: Working with large screens in Zeplin should now feel smooth.

  • Updated onboarding flow for new users.

July Updates

Product News

  • Auto-exported assets: Zeplin now auto-exports assets from layers in Figma that conform to certain patterns. Check out this article to learn more.

June Updates

Product News

  • Grace Period: When you add new members with paid roles to your workspace, you'll have a 7-day grace period to confirm/revert this seat count change from now on. Check out this article for details.

  • Layout Specs: You can now inspect your layers in Zeplin, which are created using Auto Layout or Constraints settings. Learn more.

  • The new Zeplin plugin for Adobe XD: We've recently rebuilt the Adobe XD integration from the ground up to fix some performance issues and make the integration more seamless. Learn more.

  • Zeplin’s latest API updates: You can explore the new features added to the Zeplin API here to build custom workflows.

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May Updates

Product News

  • Screen Variants: You can now keep your workspace organized and define the relationship between your screens clearer with Screen Variants. Check out this blog post to learn more.

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April Updates

Product News

  • Rich notes: You can now add images, GIFs, or other visuals to your notes on the screens in Zeplin. Learn more about the notes in Zeplin here.

  • Streamlined notifications: You can filter your notifications for notes based on types, colors, members, and dashboard sections, and mute your projects or styleguides which you don't want to get notifications about them. Learn more.

  • Optimized assets: Zeplin provides more formats for optimized assets now. Here are the details.

  • Web app performance improvements

You can explore these April highlights in our blog post here.

March Updates

Product News

  • Publish in order: You can publish your designs in order with some different options. Check out this article to learn more about the settings.

  • Semantic colors: Zeplin supports semantic colors now. Learn more.

  • Make a copy of a project: You can duplicate your projects and styleguides in Zeplin selecting what the copies will include. Check out the articles to learn more—for projects; for styleguides.

You can explore these March highlights in our blog post here.

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January Updates

Product News

We’re ringing in 2021 with some cool updates! 🎉

  • Component Variants: You can now export the different states of your components to Zeplin and define the relationship between them by using Component Variants. Learn more.

  • The new Notification experience: You can now manage your notifications in a clean and organized way with this new experience. Check out this article for details.

  • Zapier Integration: You can explore the winning Zaps from our internal hackathon here.

  • Storybook integration: Developers can now directly add design components from Zeplin into Storybook to match the design with code in real-time. Learn more.

You can also check out our blog post here for the features above.

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